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With type CP it concerns an indicator for loose bicycle nuts which is used in vehicle parks to the enlargement and improvement of street security programmes. His use permits in everyday controlling walks and with routine-vehicle checks in workshops a flawless control on loose bicycle nuts, the avoidance of wheel hub damages or the loss of wheels while solving a bicycle bolt.

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The type CP Indicator is fastened by putting on on the edges of wheel nuts SK. With the bicycle assembly the checkpoint pointers are aimed in a slightly recognizable pattern on each other. Should a mother free herself once, the adjustment of the type CP of indicator changes clearly and clearly obviously. This is a sign for the fact that the bicycle mother has started turning and solving with it.

Programme of delivery

Type CP Indicators are available for all current wheel nuts dimensions of from 17-to 46-mm key and are red in the colours and are yellow available fluorescent. With pleasure we also deliver other colours against special order.

At the moment we deliver

fluorescent yellow
 in the following dimensions:

19 mm
22 mm
24 mm
32 mm
33 mm
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The size refers to the hexagonal key width (SW) of the bicycle mother (in mm).
Please, use for the regulation of the bicycle mother's size an unused wheel nuts. There fore is made sure that the indicator sits precisely on the wheel nuts. All wheel nuts indicators are produced precise for the single wheel nuts dimensions. All indicators must be firmly put on up to the disc of the wheel nuts or the wheel hub exterior surface, so that a small aerial gap (approx. 0.5 mm) remains between both surfaces.

Material kinds & product care

The wheel nuts are produced of very claimable Polypropylen and are suited everywhere where hubs or brakes temperatures from up to 125°C can be put out. The device is reusable and continuously against attacks by litter salt, chemical substances as for example oils, paraffin and customary cleaning agents. As a UV-stable product no natural wear appears by solar irradiation. The device sits almost with force fit on the bicycle mother.


By the application of wheel nuts is to be pointed out daruf that the normal controls of the suit torques are still necessary if a wheel or a wheel nuts for reason at all was removed and was mounted again. The bicycle nuts must be drawn before the assembly of the indicators on the bicycle nuts with the given torque.

The wheel nuts indicators must be put on without use of tools. The same is valid for her distance. Also should be mounted in such a way that the upraised edge of the alliance on the extreme side of the bicycle mother's disc or the wheel profile lies. The adjustment of the bicycle mother's indicators on the wheel is any, however, the wheel bolt is often determined by the rim dimensions and/or the pitch circle diameter