Wheel sealing material 1 Liter

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Prophylactic thick means for tyre pricks up to 14 mm.

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The liquid thick means are filled prophylactically in the tyre and remain there in such a way as it was filled in the tyre. It spreads, as soon as the tyre turns, on the whole tread of the tyre. As soon as now an object sticks in the tyre, Linsi-ripe thick means with hilfe of the atmospheric pressure are pressed by the problem place. Besides, become wedged together the elastic particle in the problem place and the tyre the air keeps.

How big the holes can be, always depends on the tyre itself. A direct allocation in millimetre information cannot be given. For a truck tyre with a very stable tyre construction pricks with from 10 to 14 mm are no problem.

With a tyre change you can still take available Linsi-ripe thick means from the tyre and in the new tyre weiterverwenden. (besides, perhaps still a little new Linsi-ripe thick means with should be filled, with it one again the optimum filling amount achievedly). If in the old tyre still rests of Linsi-ripe thick means can be this without problems with water are washed out (see provided security data sheet).

Please, think always: The ripe thick means make a new one from no old or uselessly become tyre. Tyres with injuries relevant for security must be renewed.

We recommend the application of an atmospheric pressure examination by sensors and radio transmission. Please, follow our filling amount table, the required amount of ripe thick means varriert ever still tyre size.

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